Rewards for Account Holders

Real-life Rewards

Saving Stone Broke is no simple task. So you'll probably feel like you deserve a reward for doing so…and we couldn't agree more.

We'll give a $5 deposit into your Bank of Guam savings account to keep you on the path to good savings habits. If you don't have an existing Bank of Guam account, you can get the $5 deposit by opening a free savings account.*

When you complete MoneyIsland, you earn an electronic reward certificate. Simply bring that certificate to any Bank of Guam branch to claim your prize.


Best of all, you can keep playing MoneyIsland as new games and videos will be made available on this website. And be sure to check out Guru Junction for exciting contests.

*The $5 prize is forfeited without an existing or new Bank of Guam savings account. All rewards must be redeemed within 30 days from completion of the program or the reward is forfeited. A new Bank of Guam savings account may be opened within the 30 day period to be eligible for this reward.